Saturday, May 21, 2016

Soccer Games

Ava had her last soccer game on Saturday.  Her coach gave each of them a trophy.  She was so excited.  She has really liked the coach and the kids on her team.  Most of the kids on the team also go to Challenger so she is friends with them and in our neighborhood.  She always husled and played her best.  She enjoys soccer for the social, physical, and treat aspects!
Noah still has one more game, but  this last game he did so good.  He didn't enjoy soccer that much last year, but he has loved it  this year.  He scored two goals in a row this year. Despite being one of the younger ones on the team he really keeps up and does really good.  He has so many friends on the team.  He has a great group of little friends in the neighborhood his age.  I definitely feel like this was the right spot for us because there are so many kids Ava's and Noah's age.  Surprisingly Liam also has several kids his age.  The new baby girl will have 2 girls her age as well that we know of now.

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