Sunday, May 22, 2016

House Projects

Well I am either nesting or just finally getting around to some things because I have to.  We have needed hooks in the kid's bathroom since we moved in, but never hung any.  I think part of the reason I never hung any was because I didn't know how many kids we were having or the gender, etc.  Also three towels have been able to fit on the door handle, but four definitely wouldn't.  I also had the vision to do two  cute picture frames above the hooks.  One frame put Ava and Noah from the beach and the other do Liam and baby at the beach.  I finally committed to some hooks and Steve hung them.  The kids' bathroom looks so  cute now.  We also did a few things to the guest bedroom to make it more inviting, again much overdo.  We hung curtains, mirror, picture frames, changed the lamp, and put a throw blanket at the foot of the bed.  We have quite a bit of company coming the next month so I wanted to make it nicer for them.  I bought a garage code but we haven't installed that yet.  Steve was on a major project kick so it was nice that I had  plenty for him to do.  He wished I had more.  I think in maybe another year we may actually be completely settled in this house!

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